No Regrets?

22 10 2012

People say, “Live life with no regrets.”
I don’t agree. As a Christian, I know I am absolved of all sin, yet I still sin. I regret that.

The Rack

It all started with what I thought might be an infection in my right tit.  Back in the late spring or early summer, I noticed a very slight drop of rust-colored discharge (I know, gag) on the tip of my nip one morning.  I was totally unconcerned and figured maybe I was recovering from a mild infection in a milk duct after having weaned my youngest son, Eli a few months prior.  At some point later in the summer, I noticed it again.  This time I decided to do what any good ol’ American would do, and I consulted the internet.  Holy shit.  Words like “malignancy” and “tumor” and “symptom of breast cancer” were flying at me off of every medical site.  Despite learning that what I was experiencing was far from normal and that I should get busy doing a breast self-exam, I still wasn’t alarmed.

I’ve gotta be…

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One response

1 11 2012

okay, i got a little mixed up, i see now that you reblogged this ladies heroic story….I am so empathetic and what a beautiful person she is, both inside and out! I have suffered from illness all my far, so good, hasn’t become fatal and hope it never will….so happy for her that she is okay! How scary is it to know you are sick with a potientally fatal disease when you are also a mother? this is my biggest fear…I want to meet my grandchildren, nothing breaks my heart more than the thought that i may not…I’m sure its even worse when your kids are as young as the little guy in that picture!
God Bless you and your Family!

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