Top 2015 Social Media Predictions – Disruptive Technologies

12 01 2015


It’s that time of year again when many social media “professionals” publish their predictions for the coming new year. Rarely, but on occasion, there are less than general forecasts that hit the bullseye. More often than not, many of the predicted transformations, Social Media & Digital Marketing Predictions for 2015platform trajectories and overall suggested industry paths are more or less off base or plainly obvious already from the previous year.

Although we don’t profess to be any more effective with a crystal ball, we believe we do have a fairly good pulse on the industry and have made some pretty on target predictions in the past. Though this is going to be one of our more lengthy posts, as we attempt to detail the background behind these predictions and outline where we see things going, it will be worth the read.

What we believe is very different about this coming year is due to social media in general, as well as the main platforms have matured in…

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What It Takes To Blog

15 11 2014

By Kimberlee Lockhart

What does it take to blog? I admire bloggers who keep at it consistently. They are able to take the knowledge, facts and ideas swirling around in their heads and put them on paper in a concise and stylistic manner.

In order to blog, you must write. It doesn’t matter what you are blogging about, or what medium you choose to do it in, blogging involves writing. If you produce a vlog, you still must write, If you produce InfoGraphics, you still must write, if you produce a podcast, you still must write (you know, like show notes and such).

In order to write, you must…READ!
I’m a voracious reader. My mother taught me how to read when I was four years old. By the time I got to first grade, my reading skill was such that the teacher put me out in the hall with a third grade reader-book because I already knew what she was teaching. So, I can read blogs all day. But can I write one?

We can all read and write. However, to blog, you must master a whole other set of skills such as:

You HAVE to train yourself to adhere to a strict schedule. You can’t blow it off! If you don’t write and post consistently, then that’s not blogging.

•A Grip On Grammar And Such
To blog, you must know the basic rules of language and grammar. Also, you must have a decent ability to spell.

It doesn’t matter how educated you are, you HAVE to have someone else edit your work, even if it’s some kind of software and not a human. I would still run it by a human though.

•Research Know-How
You must have the intelligence to know how to gather information from any and all available resources.

•How To Use A Computer
There’s no way around this one. You must know how to use a computer in order to publish a blog.

•Ignoring Fear (I was gonna say ‘Overcoming Fear’ but that may never be possible.)
Ignore your fear and do it anyway. If your blog is yours alone, and you are not blogging for business, then who cares? So what if no one likes your blog? What’s the worst that can happen?

If you really want to keep a blog, you’ll have to work at it and ignore your inner critic. Even if you’re afraid of ridicule, just do it anyway.

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Blog To Write

6 11 2014

By Kimberlee Lockhart

When I suddenly became divorced for the second time at 46 years old, I freaked out. What am I supposed to do now? What direction do I go in? Thankfully, my faith in the Lord kept me from freaking out too much. 

I remembered that I have always wanted to write. Not for a living, just to make myself happy. I have always been writing; I’ve kept a journal for years. That’s writing, right?

I’ve had some story ideas kicking around in my head for quite some time, but getting them down on paper is harder than I thought it would be. It’s scary, but my desire to do so is stronger than my fear of failure, so I set upon a research course where I read everything I can get my hands on about writing, and how to write. 

The number one piece of advice I found is, in order to learn how to write, you must…WRITE!

Makes sense to me, so here, I write. I decided to use a blog to practice writing. Especially after I found this article by Jeff Goins titled “Why You Should Start A Blog (Even If You’re Not A Writer). In Jeff’s post he makes three important points about how you can use a blog to improve your writing: 

•Blogging teaches you discipline.
One of the harshest truths I’ve read about writing is how strict you have to be with yourself. Blogging forces you to adhere to a system and a schedule. I can be very lazy and this one scares me.

•Blogging teaches you introspection.
Hopefully, I can learn about myself as well as learning how to write.

•Blogging gives you a voice.
What is “my voice”? I want to use this blog to help me find it.

So, here I go. Even though I’m terrified that I’ll get laughed at, it’s not enough to stop me from doing it.
So, this is me blogging to learn how to write.
How did you learn to write?

No Regrets?

22 10 2012

People say, “Live life with no regrets.”
I don’t agree. As a Christian, I know I am absolved of all sin, yet I still sin. I regret that.

The Rack

It all started with what I thought might be an infection in my right tit.  Back in the late spring or early summer, I noticed a very slight drop of rust-colored discharge (I know, gag) on the tip of my nip one morning.  I was totally unconcerned and figured maybe I was recovering from a mild infection in a milk duct after having weaned my youngest son, Eli a few months prior.  At some point later in the summer, I noticed it again.  This time I decided to do what any good ol’ American would do, and I consulted the internet.  Holy shit.  Words like “malignancy” and “tumor” and “symptom of breast cancer” were flying at me off of every medical site.  Despite learning that what I was experiencing was far from normal and that I should get busy doing a breast self-exam, I still wasn’t alarmed.

I’ve gotta be…

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Life Apart: An Adult Military Brat Reflects

16 09 2012

Life Apart: An Adult Military Brat Reflects.

There’s hope yet.

26 08 2012

I’ve found my passion and it’s Twitter. I want to make my living using Twitter. I’ve never felt this way before. I usually give up after 5 minutes, but I’m so in love with Twitter that I know this is different. This is real.


Now what?

24 08 2012

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